Physical archiving

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Your issues

Do you need to save on the square meters occupied by your physical archives, or better yet go paperless in your premises?

Your physical archiving must now be optimized in line with your digital documentary processes. On the other hand, compliance with standards and regulations on the durations and methods of storage or destruction (legal framework, personal data, etc.) is a subject that concerns you and for which you need advice and expertise.

Our expert knowledge

To meet your needs in terms of security, traceability and saving storage space, we offer outsourced services to store and manage your physical archives (both day-to-day filing and permanent records, covering all needs in the life cycle of documents including pick-up, transport and moving, packing, conservation, searching, viewing, digitising on request, sorting and destruction. Outsourcing the management of your physical archives to Everial means you can be sure of maintaining compliance with statutory rules and industry standards on data retention, meaning you are protected in the event of a dispute when you need to provide evidence, and ensuring swift, easy access to a precious asset: useful information.


Enhanced performance Entrusting the management of your physical archives to a specialist means you can free up more time for your core business.

Greater satisfaction Safe storage and swift, simple access to your documents as and when you need them.

Enhanced expertise We have over 30 years of savoir-faire and knowledge of the document storage industry, standards and regulations for you to leverage.

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